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Tapping into our roots to cultivate, experiment & create a greener future.

Twenty years after leaving Central New York, Founder Josh Allyn made the decision to head home to start his own Hemp Farm. His idea was rooted on a mission to create sustainable products through education, research and development. Tap Root Fields is his very own ‘Field of Dreams’ spanning 50 acres in Skaneateles New York. Together with a small team, Allyn is tapping into his own roots to cultivate, experiment and create healthy farming practices for future generations to enjoy.

Cultivate ● Experiment ● Create

From the early planting stages, to the nitty gritty details rooted in our process, we’re motivated to strive for excellence in cultivation to create the quality products you deserve.


Planting season 2019

Planting season 2020

State-Of-The Art Greenhouse Facility 

 We’ve built the first series of our greenhouses to the property during winter 2020. We look forward to year round planting and the expansion of our greenhouse capabilities. With this state-of-the-art facility we are setting a precedent for growing in the northeast.

Outdoor grow at Tap Root Fields

Diversifying our growing technique is at the heart of what we do. Through soil mitigation, we’re testing to maximize options and opportunities that best suit our local climate, and help produce high variety yields.

Farm To Fork in

Marcellus New York

With a mission to give back to the community in spring 2020, Tap Root Fields expanded to include a 25-acre farm in Marcellus. Our team is growing and experimenting with a variety of fresh organic produce, fiber, and grain hemp.

Meet The Team Making it Happen