The Foodie Christmas Bundle

$25 $45

The foodie Christmas bundle contains the following: 

1X Black Garlic Salt

Rich and savory black garlic salt made from Tap Root Fields grown & fermented black garlic and Syracuse Salt.

  • Adds depth of flavor to squash and tomatoes
  • Tasty finish to roasted Brussel sprouts
  • Sprinkle & Toss on fresh mozzarella

Comes in a 1.5 oz glass container. 


1X Black Garlic

The exotic tasting black garlic adds great flavor to your cooking. Use it in salad dressings, mashed into mayonnaise for aioli, blended into olive oil alongside anchovies for pastas, in Asian stir-fries, and much more! 


1X Daytime Gummies

Daytime Gummies with CBD, Citrus flavor, for 20 Gummies at 25 mg each~ Tap Root Daytime Gummies are created with the intention to support your day with the finest quality products from our roots to you. 

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