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Sign up for Tap Root Fields sms Club

This form allows you to attach a card to your file. You can use this card on file to purchase Tap Root Fields products through sms.


Create your payment profile account by adding your details.


Once details are added, you'll get a confirmation message with the next steps.


Choose your product.


Choose your quantity.


Your order will be placed and your card charged after we confirm your order.

Accepts all debit and credit cards

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any charge to sign up ?

There is no charge to signup for Tap Root Fields SMS Club.

How can I change my details?

You can reach out to our customer support by typing HELP to (315) 400-4188.

Is this a subscription ?

Tap Root Fields SMS Club is not a monthly subscription system. It is an order-based system where you get charged only for what you order, when you order.

How will I get charged monthly?

You won’t. You’ll only be charged once for the quantity you order.