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Tap Root Fields Story

Our team works hard on the fields but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fun on the fields! Check out some of our recent clicks of our team on the farm.

Spring 2019

Start of Tap Root Fields, we bought our first farm in Skaneateles, NY

We started setting up experimental greenhouses. Team working on our very first GH.

Our team got to prepping the fields for planting.

Plant preparation prior to going into the fields.

Our team having fun on planting days. 

Our team working hard from the OG Tap Root Fields office.

Our team being directed by Josh (CEO) on the goals and objectives for the farm. 

Our team (Josh, Lee, Travis & Meegan) having fun after a successful day of planting.

Now we wait for harvesting!!

Fall/Harvest 2019

Starting to harvest from Zone-3

Our team doing some trimming prep work on our mega stash.

Last quality check by our QA team before it ships off!

 Dec 2019 – Winter 2020

First day of snow on our fields.

Greenhouse foundation ready for trucks to deliver our future greenhouse.


Night or day. When duty calls our team is always ready. Night delivery on the farm.


Delivery of our first greenhouse 

Prep work for setting up our greenhouses.

Greenhouse foundation ready for trucks to deliver our future greenhouse.

 Early Spring 2020 @ Marcellus farm


Day we acquired Marcellus farm


The crew quickly went on to build the greenhouse


Greenhouse fully fixed and ready for planting

Finishing touches to complete the greenhouse


First turning of soil at Marcellus farm.


First vegetables are planted on the farm