We create craft farm products for everyday use.

Current CBD products in the market are too pricey to be used frequently.

At Tap Root Fields use sustainable methods to farm and grow ingredients that are used to make good quality and affordable CBD products. We also grow veggies, fruits and exotics like Black garlic.

Our best quality, affordable CBD products are made by sourcing the finest, freshest, vegan friendly ingredients

Best Quality, Affordable & Vegan Friendly

NEW! Black garlic and Black Garlic Salt

Our CBD & Farm products

Planting 2019

Tap Root Fields was established in 2019 and we had our first harvest in 2019

Planting 2020

We increased our efficiency on the farm and created greenhouses that match our standards

Planting 2021

Our best harvest yet! with the best quality that go into our products

About our Team