What should I be paying for CBD?

CBD products have surged and are some of the most popular products on the market these days. From capsules to creams and gummies to tinctures, the market has grown to become even more competitive.

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With so many people considering CBD, it’s important for consumers to understand not only what they’re buying, but also if they’re paying fair and reasonable prices. So how much should you be spending when you’re looking to buy CBD products? We’re breaking down the components to consider when purchasing the right CBD product for you.


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Potency Equals Potential and Price

The price of CBD is determined by potency rather than overall volume, meaning you can have two of the same size bottles of a CBD product with very different price tags. Higher potency CBD products are usually two to three times more expensive than their less potent counterparts. Price is determined by the overall amount of CBD in the product, not the size or volume of the product. Generally speaking, higher potency CBD products have more potential to help the consumer achieve their desired outcome, such as pain relief, alleviating anxiety, or help with insomnia, for example, when compared to less potent CBD products. 

CBD prices are also determined based on the method of production and overall raw materials used, as well as level of potency. The best way to compare prices is to calculate the price per milligram. The formula is simple; divide the price of the product (before tax) by total milligrams of CBD contained in the product and this will give you price per milligram. 


So, for example, if a bottle of our TRF CBD Tincture costs $30 and contains 1500 mg of CBD then that means the price per milligram of CBD for that bottle is $0.02 ($30 divided by 1500mg = $0.02/mg).


 CBD Dosing

Organic Options Can Cost You More

Organic farming ensures that the end products reaching the consumer will be free of pesticides and genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). We practice organic farming at TRF which means our CBD products made using our hemp plants are free of pesticides and other harmful toxins. We go the extra mile to produce the purest product possible. This inevitably affects cost due to the extra measures taken to ensure our products are truly organic. 


Quality Control is a Critical Factor

Many CBD products are put through third-party lab testing long before they reach consumers, but not all testing is created equally. Some companies opt for basic CBD/THC levels and others test more aggressively. The bottom line: the more extensive the testing, the higher the cost. So, if a CBD product hasn’t been lab-tested it may be more appealing because of the lower cost, but many experts would suggest trying a brand that takes the time (and incurs the cost) to have their products tested for quality. Another important factor to consider is where the hemp used to make the product was sourced from. Because the FDA doesn’t yet regulate CBD manufacturing processes, some companies may cut corners and that can lead to toxins and harmful additives being found in the end CBD product. 

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So How Do You Know If You're Overpaying or Underpaying for CBD?

  • Know What You're Buying. Watch out for retailers selling "hemp seed oil." Products like this have no CBD at all and it's up to you as the consumer to do your research. 
    1. Know Where It's Coming From. CBD shortages domestically have led to a lot of CBD sourced from overseas markets. Because hemp is known to absorb everything in the soil it's planted in, testing is critical to avoid tainted products. Watch out for products that aren't lab-tested. Most products created here in the United States have gone through some kind of lab-testing to determine the quality and potency of the end product. 
    2. Know The Value of What You're Getting. One of the very best ways to evaluate the quality and value of a CBD product is through the "Certificate of Analysis." Reputable companies will make this available to the consumer which will show information regarding CBD concentrations and purity of their products. 
      At Tap Root Fields, we’re invested in CBD from start to finish! From using only the best hemp seeds to maintaining the healthiest soil, we strive to produce the highest quality CBD products. By supplying our products direct to consumers, and practicing organic farming, we can offer the finest CBD products while keeping costs down because we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to live the CBD lifestyle healthily and affordably.


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