Night-time CBD cherry drink recipe

Tinctures are one of the easiest ways to use cannabis and many would agree that their benefits go way beyond their ease of use. But if you’re still not sure how to best incorporate them into your daily life, Tap Root Team Member Jamie Hunt has a sweet way to serve it up at night. 

Get your daily dose of CBD with a quick CBD Nighttime shot. Tart cherry juice can help ease inflammation, has great cleansing properties and acts as a detox too. Jamie also says that experts say if you drink cherry juice daily, it can lead to better sleep, making it the perfect ingredient to pair with the nighttime nano-tincture. 

To make life easier, Jamie suggests starting with the batch recipe below, using some of his favorite ingredients (or those you have at home) and let it stand refrigerated. Once prepared, simply serve up a single shot with our Tap Root Fields Nano-Tincture every night before bed.


Batch Recipe Ingredients:

32 oz tart cherry juice

½ tsp cinnamon 


Shake well, then let steep for 24 hrs before serving.

This recipe is best to make in a 32 ounce batch, and can be refrigerated for up to a month. 


Cherry and Cinnamon CBD Shot 

Single serving

1.5 oz Tart Cherry and Cinnamon 

1 ml (25mg) NIGHTTIME Nano-Tincture 

Learn how to make this sweet CBD-inspired shot by clicking the video above. And check out even more videos on our YouTube channel while you’re there. 

Tap Root Fields full-spectrum, versatile and fast-acting daytime and nighttime Nano-Tinctures are an easy way for anyone to enjoy their daily dose of CBD and CBG. If your busy lifestyle has you stressed and struggling, try taking it sublingually. Nano-Tinctures are quick to absorb and tasteless making them the perfect ingredient to add to your favorite smoothie, a nighttime cherry shot or your coffee too. To learn more visit

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I love the Nightime tincture but don’t see it on the website. Is it available now or will it be soon?

Eva Pajak June 28, 2023

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