Try This New Refreshing Summer Slaw or Not Your Grandmother’s Cabbage Slaw

Opt for a sweet summer slaw that’s tastier than traditional cabbage with even more flavor than you’d expect. 

Caraflex cabbage is now available on the Tap Root Fields Root To You Farmstand. But before you nix it thanks to traditional recipes that you maybe weren’t so fond of as a kid, try this one out. Tap Root Field Team Member Jamie Hunt says this European style slaw is not the kind your grandma used to feed to you. “It’s sweeter and more flavorful and doesn’t have that sulfur taste that other cabbages have,” he says. 

Caraflex Cabbage is in season right now and will be available through October. Jamie adds that it’s a manageable size and offers more ‘bang for your buck.’ Look for the cone shaped cabbage on the farmstand and while you’re at it, opt for some of our hot sauce and spicy maple drizzle too. All are available for pickup daily at 4272 Jordan Road in Skaneateles. 

For an easy upgrade to your coleslaw check out this new refreshing recipe below:


Coleslaw Dressing Ingredients




  1. In a large mixing bowl add all ingredients.
  2. With a hand-held blender, mix all ingredients. This will make the diced onions pureed
  3. Let rest for 30 minutes prior to use
  4. Quarter the cabbage by cutting lengthwise. 
  5. Brush or spray with olive oil then add salt and pepper
  6. Place cabbage on hot grill marking and wilting both sides
  7. Let cabbage cool to the touch then chop or slice
  8. Add dressing to the cabbage. Garnish with craisins and green pumpkin seeds or sunflowers and enjoy!

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