Make CBD a part of your lifestyle in 2021

No one could have predicted that 2020 would bring on a worldwide pandemic, stay-at-home orders and a new daily lifestyle for all. But we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the start of the new year may be a true turn of the proverbial page.

We can all agree that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take center stage, and while we can’t change the course of the vaccine or its timeline, we can change how we approach each new situation that comes our way.

Thankfully it’s possible to overcome and manage the mental and physical pressures associated with the world we’re living in. But if at times, it still feels a little too much, there are many different ways to be resolute.

From colorful gummies to easy-to-use tinctures, we’ve rounded out a few ways to incorporate CBD into your daily lifestyle and carry on in the new year. 

You are what you eat


Cooking at home has taken on a whole new meaning with many families turning to recipes and online tutorials for help. Plant-based whole food diets are also all the rage and Hemp offers different healthy alternatives too. Hemp is a great soy, vegan and plant-based alternative, making daily meal planning so much easier. Hemp is also a healthy plant-protein for those who are following a Keto, Paleo or Vegan Diet. There are simple ways to incorporate it into your daily routine. Stir up some hemp-protein in your morning smoothie or shake it up in milkshake form for extra added dietary benefits.



One of the most popular ways to take CBD is in gummy form. Adults young and old have been known to try this option because of its discreteness. It’s also a preferred method because of its sweetness. But for those who aren’t so knowledgeable on the gummy craze, this variation of a CBD supplement is effective at relieving anxiety, depression, pain and improving sleep. It can also serve as a tasty way to suppress your appetite. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t stimulate the appetite. In fact, it’s a natural appetite suppressor and may help you shed a few extra pounds this year. CBD has also been shown to stimulate fat metabolism, regulate blood sugar and increase your calorie burn rate.

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Tap Root Fields CBD Sunscreeen



For those not so eager to try an edible option, incorporating CBD in lotion form is an effective alternative. The winter months can bring on dry, cracked and even itchy skin. CBD lotions are loaded with antioxidants including amino acids and B-complex vitamins that are vital to smoothing, healing, moisturizing and equalizing the skin. 

Tap Root Fields CBD Tincture



Tinctures are likely one of the easiest ways to use CBD on a daily basis. Dosage is manageable and tinctures have a high bioavailability which means that the body is effectively able to use more of the cannabinoids sublingually (under the tongue).  Tinctures can also deliver the same effectiveness even with a lower dosage, cutting down on side effects and saving you money too. They’re also smokeless and perfect additions to your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

It’s fair to say that we all hope and wish for a better 2021. Regardless of where you stand though, incorporating CBD into your everyday routine, may just be the balance you need to reach your goals this year.



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